• Since 1996, we have worked on: (Building a stable and self-dependent family to contribute to the development of society.) addressing their problems, and did our best to improve their quality of life. Twenty years later, our efforts have to be more thoughtful and in ways that protect the family and society, and foresee a better future. To ensure a better tomorrow for all, we decided to target youth and rehabilitate them at an early age. We introduced an approach that contributes to supporting the pillars of human, social, and economic development as per Qatar National Vision 2030. NAMA is inspiring youth to develop their capabilities and creating opportunities so that more people can actively contribute to their development.

    It was NAMA: inspiring youth… urging them… motivating them… to develop their capabilities and creating opportunities… so that more people can actively contribute to their development for an active, empowered and leading youth and life full of viability, giving and satisfaction.

  • Consistent with the vision of Qatar Foundation for Social Work, we contribute to the expansion of youth options, building their capacity, and empowering them in the State of Qatar.

  • A leading foundation for empowered and active youth.

  • The Qatar National Vision 2030 has emphasized the importance of empowering youth. The Third Human Development Report of the State of Qatar focused on understanding the context, challenges, and opportunities for Qatari youth. Addressing the problems, issues, aspirations, and challenges facing the youth is required to contribute to Qatar’s march towards a knowledge-based economy.

    Today's job market offers a variety of options. However, there is a need to increase the competitiveness of Qatari youth for integration into the labor market.

    There is a need for expanding the participation of the youth in the civil workplace, and listening to their viewpoints.

    Although there is an economic boom, there are concerns among the youth with regard to the sustainability of economic growth, especially with the current increases in the cost of living and consumption.

    The youth will play an important role in broadening the bases for participation in development and influencing the environmental surroundings of the family.

  • Youth in the age groups from 13-30
    Entrepreneurs of small and micro businesses from 21-45